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Real Estate Agent: What to Look for in an Agent?

March 2, 2018 by quikfund

When buying or selling a home, it is imperative that you find a quality real estate agent to represent you and your interests throughout the transaction. But be forewarned, experienced agents, are DEFINITELY NOT a dime a dozen.

To locate the agent that will represent you in the best way possible, consider the following agent qualities:

A Proactive Communicator

A good agent manages each of their transactions by consistently communicating with the relevant parties to each transaction. This allows the agent to keep their clients well informed, and the other parties on the same page regarding the progress of the transaction.
A quality agent recognizes how stressful a real estate transaction can be, how time-sensitive it truly is, and reacts appropriately.

A Really Good Listener

While real estate agents often possess amazing insight and information, it is impossible for a quality agent to do an outstanding job if they don’t listen to their client’s needs.  If your agent cannot (or will not) listen to what you, the client needs, it is time to find another agent who will.

Motivated to Serve Clients

A quality agent understands that when their clients succeed, they succeed – a win-win situation. This includes keeping their client’s needs as a top priority.

Insightful and Strategic

Quality agents identify their client’s selling/buying motivations. Are they going to need to sell a home? Is the property involved an investment property?
Additionally, a quality agent must be observant. They should quickly understand which mode of communication their clients prefer.

 They Respect Time Frames

Quality agents recognize and respect the time conditions set forth by a real estate contract and mortgage financing. Ultimately, an awareness of a real estate contract’s rigid time frames is essential to maintaining a solid agency relationship between the client and the agent.

They are Reference Ready

An agent must be willing to verify their claims of success. As their potential client, a quality agent should happily provide testimonials from their last 5-10 clients.  Your agent should be able to offer numerous positive references upon request.

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